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Antique Tuscan (IMAGE)
18pt - can't remember where I got this, but it is a reproduction face.

This face is mentioned in Mac's book on page 344 as, Tuscan Graille or Stellar. Recut by Harry Weidemann (#130) from Cincinnati Type Foundry's Ornamented No. 22J or Bruce's Ornamented No. 1046, he says it originated about 1860. Gray (see below) shows this face on page 71 as English two-line ornamented No. 2 at the Caslon Foundry. She gives the approximate date of origin as 1865.

Nicolette Gray gives a nice history of the "Tuscan" letterform in her book, Nineteenth Century Ornamented Typefaces. [First U.S. publication by University of California Press, 1976; printed OUP. Orig. pub. 1938.] With origins dating back to around 50 B.C., it is a treat to follow the use and change of the form. The changes occur in the termination points and the serifs. However, it drives me nuts to have to keep flipping to the examples which are all through the book, and none existing within the article itself.

24pt - Phoenix Typefounders

Under construction.

Boston Gothic
Caslon Initials
Cooper Black
Czarin Title
Dutch Initials? - Bruce Foundry

Gill Cameo Ruled (Airport Relief) (IMAGE)
36pt - Purchased in June, 2001 from Hal Sterne via the LETPRESS list.

This recent acquisition satisfies a lust I have had for this face for years. It is so beautiful that I haven't yet transferred it to a galley, but rather have kept it on my kitchen table where I can see it frequently.

Gothic Outline Title No. 61 (IMAGE)
42pt - source unknown - originally a BB&S face, c. 1900 or earlier.

In May of 2001 I was readying my shop for operation after more than 10 years of disuse and was going over everything in there. I came across a dirty black, six-partitioned box with odd stuff in it. When I sorted these letters into a galley I found I had an almost full font of some immediately unidentifiable face. After much toing and froing on the LETPRESS list, we finally identified it as this. However, my font is not from BB&S. Best guess is that it is a copy made by Triangle Type Foundry, but lacking a catalogue, that cannot be confirmed. BB&S shows it on page 234 of their 1925 catalogue. This page from Van Nostrand's Type Specimen Book clearly shows how different the 42pt is from the other sizes (e.g., "Q" and "&"). (Note: as you can see from my galley proof, I was missing the "P". Thanks to Tom Parsons of the LETPRESS list I now have a "P"!)

Goudy Handtooled
Graphic Light
Monograms [Keystone]
Neuland Inline
Sans Serif Inline
Ultra Bodoni
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