NOTE (October 2013): As this was introductory information, I've not been keeping this page up since last year. However, I've added a link to an interesting graphic that looks at the question of Generic levothyroxine or synthroid.

NOTE (May 2012): News and announcements in this area are coming at a furious pace. The instructor for my udacity course was interviewed by ABC News, there have been at least two segments on NPR about this, as well as several articles in the New York Times. This deluge began late last year and is continuing at an ever faster pace. I think perhaps, after all the years of hype about technology and education, we may finally be getting somewhere. And, in the end, it will not be about "the internet in the classroom" or using "educational" games, or anything else under the sun that has already been tried. It will be this: the combination of good teachers, "in your face video", interspersed quizzing, and homework done in class. For a major revolution, which I believe this is, it has not taken all that long: 17 years from the first wide-spread use of the internet.

Salman Khan's TED talk
This is the Is there an over the counter lasix. Much in this video directly addresses problems faced by teachers at any level.

Salman Khan on 60 Minutes
Khan started his work at home, helping his own kids. He is now backed by Google, Bill Gates, and others. This man, an MIT grad, inspired Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig to venture off-campus. Of course, the focus in the 60 Minutes segment is on K-12, but his ideas will work anywhere and for almost anything that needs to be taught. AND, the idea of the "flipped classroom" came not from him, but from teachers who used his videos. BUT, he got it immediately. And we need to get it. (Seems to me a course in this technology ought to be a requirement for a degree in education from this point forward.)
CBS: March 11, 2012

Virtual and Artificial, but 58,000 Want Course
Thrun and Norvig offer the first behemoth Buy unprescribed clomid in the second half of 2011. (This and Khan's efforts have awakened the sleeping giants that are the Ivy League in the US.)
New York Times: August 15, 2011.

Udacity’s model
From an interview with Thrun which Ordering avodart online: it goes into quite some detail about how and why udacity came into being and also talks about why the methodology is so important. "A large part of the success of both Khan’s courses and Thrun’s is the way that they’re presented and executed, rather than any business model behind them. Khan, in particular, is a hugely gifted natural educator. And what both of them aspire to doing is to build what Thrun calls “magic” into the way that they teach. Thrun wants to add another element, too — community. His courses have a start date and an end date and deadlines, with thousands of students all taking the same class at the same time; that makes them inherently social in a way that Khan’s YouTube videos aren’t."
January 31, 2012 (udacity's first class started in February.)

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Well worth the look and listen for how big this phenomenon is. They call it the "biggest thing since the invention of the printing press" and I happen to agree. Also note, they intend to offer their platform free to other institutions who wish to participate.
NOTE THIS: Rafel Reif, the man who is leading edX at MIT, has just (May 17, 2012) been appointed the next President of MIT. That should tell you a lot about where all this is heading.

From the Order cialis generic (Harvard-MIT)
Who can take edX courses? Will there be an admissions process?
edX will be available to anyone in the world with an internet connection, and in general, there will not be an admissions process. For a modest fee, and as determined by the edX board, MIT and Harvard, credentials will be granted only to students who earn them by demonstrating mastery of the material of a subject.

Stanford Prof Starts
It was udacity which introduced me to these new technologies and methodologies. The course was stunning in its ability to make me feel like I was having private lessons, aided by interspersed quizzes, and an online forum. Students formed their own groups at Google Hangout. Here is an Pioglitazone generic available.
The Chronicle: January 23, 2012

Sebastian Thrun presentation at DLD
One of the pioneers in this whole phenomenon, Thrun explains at the Buy cytotec pills online why he gave up a full Stanford professorship to pursue his ideas.

Where to buy cialis in vancouver
The University System of Georgia merged four institutions into other ones that were geographically within 50 miles. The programs essentially were replicated. And in an environment in which you’ve got reduced resources, you can’t afford to have essentially identical programs 50 miles apart.
The Chronicle: March 7, 2012, 7:44 pm

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Of all the things he [Hennessy: Stanford President] plans to think hard about, he says, distance learning tops the list. Stanford, like newspapers and music companies and much of traditional media a little more than a decade ago, is sailing in seemingly placid waters. But Hennessy’s digital experience alerts him to danger. He says, "There’s a tsunami coming.”
April 30, 2012

Harvard joins MIT in edX
The Chronicle: 2 May 2012

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The Chronicle: May 9, 2012, 12:01 am
There is a very interesting discussion following this article.

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PurdueHUB-U grew out of a course taught this year on Purdue’s nanoHUB, a collaborative platform for nanotechnology research. The course, on the fundamentals of nanoelectronics, was broken into two parts that lasted a few weeks each. It attracted 900 students from 27 countries, most of whom paid $30 for the class and a certificate of completion. Students also had the option to turn their certificates into continuing-education credits for an additional $195.
The Chronicle: May 11, 2012, 6:02 pm

Buying viagra ireland
A run-down on what's happening on the business end of things as companies strive to at least get on the curve, if not the leading edge.
The Chronicle: May 16, 2012

From a report on “Open Learning”, 2007:
Open e-Learning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS), funded by the European Commission under the eLearning Programme (
Document available from the link below, under
Activity 1 > View document
(the pdf is 150 pages)
(NOTE the date of this report.)
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