by Clair Dunn, October 2011

Built with Processing 1.5.1 • Source code: recession_2oct2011

This was a vast modification of an example program by Matt Pearson on page xxiii of his book Generative Art. You can see that program here, with a couple of changes he made for displaying it on the web.

The blurry trace shadows left by that animation bothered me--remember we're dealing with art here!--and I went into his code to try to get rid of that aspect of the display. Once I got in there I just started messing around. When you do that in Processing, it's something like eating peanuts -- you can't just tweak one thing one time.

When you are learning this language, you just keep fiddling, just thinking, "Well, what if I change this; what if these were triangles; or what if ...?" And on it goes. The art comes in when something happens that knocks on the door of your own aesthethics cache. When that happens, you open the door and leave it open.